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For once, it's not TV characters...

A lovely couple asked me to make these for wedding cake toppers :)

I'm rather lazy so I'll just put here a link to the photobucket album for more pics
Her veil and his cap are removable, and both dolls have wired arms so they can hug or hold hands etc. And of course their dogs were added too, to make the family complete. :)

For the bride, I used the usual DK skin color, but for her dress I found the perfect shade in a fingering weight, so it is worked by a finer hook and tulle petticoats help to keep the bell shape of the skirt. I didn’t want to add the drape first, but I was asked to give it a try and it actually works quite well. :) The bodice and drape have a lovely rose print IRL that I tried to replicate with embroidery. Her strawberry blonde hair is from embroidery floss, and a golden wedding ring and tiny rhinestone jewels at the bodice complete her wedding finery.

I was asked to make the groom’s skin slightly darker if possible, but sadly acrylics doesn’t come in many suitable skin colors, so I used tapestry wool instead. Can’t say it became my favorite, though it’s supposedly aran weight when worked it stretches to finer than DK, I had to trick to prevent the filling from showing through stitches. The end result is OK though, that’s the most important. :) His uniform has metal buttons, tiny “pins” on the lapels and shiny belt buckle, and he wears a silver wedding ring.

The dogs were adapted from my wolf pattern, the trickiest part being right sizing - they are NOT direwolf big. :) Once I got that right, changing the rear legs to a sitting position and floppy ears for the little black one were easy to do.
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